God in the Public Square – On Tone and Rhetoric

Brendan Eich – Mozilla vs The King

The web exploded the last few weeks. Apparently, there is at least one person in Silicon Valley who supports traditional marriage and put his money where his heart is. Apparently, that is not allowed. The opponents of traditional marriage are running their…

God In Politics – Why is there a Bible?

October 13, 2012 at 7:12pm Back to the purpose of government, and why Christians can confidently participate in good governance without violating the autonomy of non-Christians. In the God Talk 2 series I have been working on here on Facebook, I have…

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God in the Public Square – Eternal Dreams

God in the Public Square – Another’s Servant

God In Politics – The Word

God in the Public Square – Where Does My Help Come From?

What’s in a Name

So, why Hope and Change Ministries? Many of you who landed on this page probably know me from work in internet political punditry over the last several years. If you do, you probably also know I tend toward conservative politics, sometimes long…