God in the Public Square – Shutting the Barn Door

I was reading an article over at Ministry Matters tonight by Pastor Mike Slaughter. He was lamenting the rancor of this political season, and putting forth the notion that we have allowed the Gospel to be hijacked for partisan political purposes. He,…

Revelation – Nebuchadnezzar, Jonah and Jeremiah

Embed from Getty Images This political season has been one of the strangest in Christian circles. The last several years have been a morass of conflict over liberal and traditional interpretation of Scripture and doctrine that I did not believe could ever…

Revelation – Doctrines of Men

Embed from Getty Images I have been blessed over the years to have been surrounded by a cloud of witnesses through social media, who in ordinary times uplift me with their sharing of faith, open my eyes to new understanding, correct me when…

God in the Public Square – On God and Guns

Revelations – What if I’m Not?

Revelations – The Gift We Are Commanded to Share

God in the Public Square – It’s That Time Again

An Open Letter to Hollywood Studio Executives:

God In Politics – Why is there a Bible?

October 13, 2012 at 7:12pm Back to the purpose of government, and why Christians can confidently participate in good governance without violating the autonomy of non-Christians. In the God Talk 2 series I have been working on here on Facebook, I have…

God In Politics – The Foundation