What’s in a Name

English: Resurrection of ChristSo, why Hope and Change Ministries? Many of you who landed on this page probably know me from work in internet political punditry over the last several years. If you do, you probably also know I tend toward conservative politics, sometimes long winded, er, detailed, political analysis, and a disdain for bumper sticker slogans. I am a fan of words. I understand their beauty and I understand their power.

As I began to understand what it was God was calling me to do with this ministry, I realized how important these two words really are. There is a reason they were chosen as a campaign slogan in 2008. There are many things to fear in the world of today. There are many things that break our hearts. There are many struggles. The nation and the world are in desperate need of hope. We are crying out for change.

This a ministry designed to help my fellow Christians, of all political persuasions, to come to understand their faith and find the strength to live it. It is a ministry designed to help them carry that faith into every part of their lives, particularly their politics. For too long, the powers of the world have conditioned us to leave our faith at home when we step outside, or in the church if we are going to carry it anywhere, and we have acquiesced. This has left us spiritually schizophrenic.

The thing is, we as Christians hold the key to what the world is so desperately seeking. If we will have the courage to cure our schizophrenia and put Jesus front and center, God has a plan for our nation. If we seek His solutions in the truth and the love of the message of Jesus Christ, instead of in the political parties of today, then we will indeed see hope and change. The kind of lasting, transformational hope and change that only God can provide.

I hope you’ll join me in this journey.

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