The Power of Prayer

I’m going to take a breather from the Why Not Donald Trump question for tonight. I’m finding it takes me a couple of days to get re-centered after a night like Saturday. One of the beautiful things about being a Christian though is that in those moments when emotions threaten to get the better of you, and you either want to withdraw from the human race in despair or join in the foaming at the mouth racket going on, God gives us a beautiful solution. He tells us to pray. So, on this day, which on a personal note has been a beautiful day filled with a delightful late Christmas gift from my daughter, time spent with my sons and husband, and the opportunity to caption a great sermon, it was neat in the midst of the political cycle to get an email from the Ted Cruz campaign that wasn’t an urgent plea for cash, nor some other urgent political message.

Last week, I signed up for the Ted Cruz prayer group. If you haven’t done so, and you support him, or honestly even if you don’t but you’re a Christian wanting to pray for those seeking to lead our nation, I encourage you to sign up today. Here’s why. Politics is noisy, these days really angry, and even the most faith-grounded of us are prone to get a little hot under the collar sometimes and do things that will make us less than admirable ambassadors for Christ in the world. It’s hugely critical that as followers of Christ we manage to walk the line between being inactive spectators in the name of keeping the peace and angry shouters claiming to be fighting on the side of God.

English: Evening Prayer (Aftenbøn=, painting b...
English: Evening Prayer (Aftenbøn=, painting by Anna Ancher, now in Skagens Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are supposed to be humble, even as we are bold. We are supposed to stay focused on God even as we walk in the world and shine His light. We are supposed to stay wrapped in the armor of God so that we can prevail in the battle of principalities that is currently raging and ravaging our world. But, we cannot do that alone. Nor does supporting any man or woman, or looking to them to change the course of events keep us on that path and equipped to do the job God has called us to do in this arena.

There is only one force, in heaven, on earth, or under that earth, that has the power to allow us to walk through the battle each day unharmed by the arrows of the enemy (and no, I’m not referring to the other candidates). God calls us to pray. Paul tells us to bring every prayer and petition before him, with thanksgiving. He also tells us to pray without ceasing. Christ tells us to set our hearts on God, and ask for what we need and desire. And as we pray, God will provide His power to help us accomplish His plans.

There is power in prayer. It’s good to be reminded of that power. And in all honesty, good to be supporting a candidate who has the same belief that he needs the power of that prayer just as much as he needs the donations and volunteer hours of his supporters. It was delightful to take a moment out of my evening tonight to pray for the specific prayer requests. Prayers I would pray for my own friends and family. Prayers that Ted Cruz will have God’s strength and wisdom as he goes through the daily tasks of campaigning. Prayers that Heidi will have strength and peace in this process. Prayers that their daughters will feel safe and secure as they travel the country and that their parents will have the opportunity to demonstrate their reliance on Christ each and every day. How cool is it to be asked to pray such prayers for people? Any people, not just these people. What a beautiful invitation.

I look forward to getting the weekly prayer requests they send out, and hopefully getting to join their weekly prayer conference call one of these days soon. If you are a supporter, again, I encourage you to join in prayer with their national team. And if you are not a Ted Cruz supporter, may I suggest you see if your candidate has such a team? If not, perhaps you could start one, at least locally for them? The truth is this election cycle is getting more brutal by the day. These people need God’s wisdom, His strength, His courage and His comfort. And there is power in the prayers of believers.

Be blessed and be a blessing, and happy voting!

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