Election 2016 – Keeping Our Heads in an Upside Down World

So, the next few days are likely to be a little crazy in the political world. On the heels of Senator Rubio bowing out of the primary, and Donald Trump bowing out of the next debate, something inevitable looks like it may be beginning. I caught a headline over at RedState.com intimating Senator Lindsey Graham is endorsing Senator Cruz. Now, on reading past the frozen Hell road sign and headline, it must be noted there was actually only a reference to Senator Graham holding a fundraiser for Senator Cruz. Not exactly an endorsement, but it won’t surprise me if one is coming. Probably more than one actually. And this is where it’s time for the conservative base of the Republican party to make sure we are looking at the actual situation and not simply jumping on the crazy wagon.

We are witnessing, in this election cycle, the fruition of eight years of hard-core activism by the base against the “Establishment” Republicans. For eight years, we have called out the leaders of the party when they’ve failed to stick to conservative principles. We’ve called out the leaders of the party when they’ve made deals with the other side that violated core Republican ideals. Heck, we’ve called them out for making deals with the other side period, whether they were violating ideals or not. We’ve spent countless hours and month and dollars getting grass roots conservative candidates elected to the House, Senate, State Legislatures and Governorships across the country. We’ve worked really hard.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnel of Kentucky.
U.S. Senator Mitch McConnel of Kentucky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We worked really hard to send a message to the likes of Senator Graham, Senator McConnell, and others in the GOP Establishment that we’re tired of being taken for granted. We’re tired of status quo politics. We’re tired of them ignoring the will and the voice of their constituents. In the process, we have embedded many of our own among the Washington elite, and while some of those rising stars stumbled along the way, many of them have not. They’ve stood strong against the status quo of both sides of the aisle and pushed back against a broken Washington, D.C. For their troubles they have been labeled trouble makers, extremists, zealots, fanatics, and “hated by their colleagues.”

In the process, the people have cheered. The people have supported them. The people have breathed a sigh of relief that finally, after so long, the politicians in Washington, D.C. have been made to listen. We know we haven’t won yet. We know the problems are still immense. We know the system is still overburdened with years of political chicanery and voter apathy. But, finally, finally, the efforts of these last eight years have paid off.

Enter the current political dynamics of the 2016 primary nomination. The golden boys of the Establishment have all bowed out, save one, who has won a grand total of 1 (one) state in 33 nominating contests held so far. We are down to two people leading the pack. Both outsiders to the Republican party establishment. Say what you will about Mr. Trump. The case can certainly be made that he is a DC insider. But, Republican Establishment he ain’t. He’s also not what most conservatives or Republicans would consider conservative or Republican.

Which leaves us with Ted Cruz. One of those champions elected by the conservative activism in 2012, who has not once stumbled since he arrived. One of us, who has made it his mission in life to breath new life back into Constitutional government, and all that that system entails. One of us who speaks openly, passionately and intelligently to the issues of our day. One of us who speaks graciously to those who oppose him, and seeks to persuade with facts and the promise contained in Constitutional Conservative principles. One who is hated by Democrats and Republicans alike for speaking truth on the Senate floor and doing what he promised his constituents he would, fight.

Those are the options the Republican Senators are faced with. To back a man who uses money to buy influence and is threatening to burn down the government and remake it in his own image. Or to back a man they hate who uses the Constitution to hold them accountable to the people who elect them. We’ll probably see a whole lot of Senate endorsements or at least tepid support for Senator Cruz this next week or two. Don’t jump ship.

It isn’t a sign he’s a member of the Establishment. It is simply a sign that once again, the voice of the people forcing the Establishment to listen is being heard. And they prefer the option where they know what their choice stands for. They prefer the option based on principles, even if they don’t happen to like or agree with those principles.

And if nothing else, it will get him out of the Senate.

Be blessed and be a blessing, and happy voting!

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