Choosing Well in the Noise

So, I am not making this part of the other series I write here, as in those, even the God in the Public Square ones, I tend to write from the perspective of sharing things God has given me to say. Here in this space, and perhaps in future writings, I want to be clear the thoughts here are my own. Settled on after much prayer and observation, but still, when wading into the deep waters of the 2016 primary, I am unwilling just yet to say that this is anything more than my own opinion or observation.

A friend today mentioned his struggle to decide if he was going to switch his support from his current preferred candidate. Another made note that it is time to do more than sit back and cheer on the candidate we do support. We need to at the very least be sharing information, videos, and our own support with those we know. I have been hesitant these last several months to jump into this particular fray. It’s been kind of nice not having political fisticuffs break out on my Facebook posts. I hadn’t quite finished licking my wounds from the last rounds of spiritual sparring. Those were two of the reasons. The other was simply that in the beginning of this whole race, I liked quite a number of the candidates. And in all honesty, there are still several I would be content with as the nominee. But, the time has come to choose, and with so much noise, I am praying we choose well.

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-KY).
Official portrait of United States Senator (R-KY). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First let me say a huge thank you to Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie. I have an immense amount of respect for Rand Paul, and have followed him since he ran for Senate. He brought a lot to the debates and to the overall conversation in this primary cycle, and it was a breath of fresh air. I pray he succeeds in his Senate re-election bid, we need him there. Ms. Fiorina was also a lively addition to the conversation and brought a different perspective. I can’t say, in this particular field, that she ever would have been my top pick. But I respect her efforts, many of her ideas, and her tenacity. As for Governor Christie, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by him during this cycle. He brought a great deal to the conversation on national security and terrorism, and came across quite well in the debates. Again, I can’t say he ever would have been my first choice in this particular field, but I do appreciate all he brought to the table. I also deeply respect and appreciate that all three, as well as Mr. Santorum and Mr. Huckabee have dropped from the field. It is never an easy thing to make the decision to let go of such an awesome undertaking as a presidential campaign. It has to be a little heart-wrenching to pour so much time and effort into something like that, and then have to decide it is time to step down. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for realistically assessing the situation and doing what is best for the country at this point. And thank you all for bringing so much to the table.

Tomorrow, I will likely write more about the whys of this particular thing, including some reasons why I have not chosen Mr. Trump and Mr. Carson, in particular. But for now, I will simply say that after much prayer and consideration, I have chosen to support Senator Cruz. There are many who will argue with that (I am sure, I have seen it), and  I welcome your thoughts and comments. But, simply put, this decision is something I take very seriously. It has developed from years of watching all of the candidates in the race that have had some political experience, and as much time as they’ve been in the spotlight the last several years for those who don’t have political experience. It has come from a lot of discussion in my own household, including with my 18 year old son who will be voting for the first time ever this March 1st. It is based largely in the response to a question a friend posed several weeks ago. What’s the most important thing to you in a candidate for President this election? For me, the most important thing, is integrity, character, courage and a solid grounding in both Biblical faith and the guiding principles of our nation as expressed in the Constitution, Declaration, and all the various documents that went into the arguments that created those two. And the ability to lead well, in spite of harsh opposition. When I look at the current field of candidates, when I listen and pray, Senator Cruz is not the only candidate that has some of these qualities. There are others, that have some or perhaps even all. But, I do believe he is the closest we will get to these requirements in a simple human being.

So, comment if you must, or even if you like. But, keep it civil. Because while I would adore if every person who reads this suddenly decided to vote for Senator Cruz just because I said so, the reality is, I can’t convert you, nor would I want to. Eventually, as I write more in the coming days, I might persuade you. But, that needs to be your decision, just as this is mine. So, in the meantime, I pray God’s great peace and grace on all of us in this political process. This is an especially fervent prayer tonight because so many I have observed across all the candidates supporters have seemingly lost sight of these two necessities. I pray God’s courage for all of us, and for whoever ends up carrying the banner of the GOP into November. I pray God’s strength for all of us, because no matter who wins, it will be a tough road ahead. I pray that each of us who follow Christ keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him for guidance, comfort and the humble hearts we need in this time. And in the end, I pray God’s will is done.

Be blessed and be a blessing, and happy voting!

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