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Praise and Prayer – 12/3


Father tonight we lift our thanks to You for all the men and women who choose to serve this nation You have granted us. We thank you for their selfless service, for their willingness to stand and their willingness to forgo the comfort of home and family. We thank you too for those families, the spouses and children who wait with pride and longing for their mothers, fathers, wives and husbands to return. We ask Your blessings, protection and provision for all of them tonight Father.

We thank you too for the faithful prayers of Your children, their willingness to reach out to those in need of Your grace and Your love with a word of encouragement or to fill a need. You have richly blessed this world with Your children’s willing hearts and open arms.

Tonight we ask that You guide the decisions of the leaders of our nation at every level. Inspire in them the desire to do Your will. Grant them Your courage and integrity. We ask too Father that You remind each of us daily that we are called to be Your voice in the world. Grant us Your wisdom, Your truth and Your mercy in every word we speak and each action that we take. Guide our steps, help us to be humble, and point those lost to Your Son, Jesus Christ in whose name we pray. Amen.


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