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Praise and Prayer – 11/14/13

Lord, tonight we thank you for the trials, and the moments when we find we can only fall on our knees and cry out why. It is often difficult for us to see the hope in such moments, but Your words tells us to rejoice in them, and our lives demonstrate the fulfillment of Your promise. It is in our sorrows we feel the comfort of Your Spirit. It is in our trials we see Your strength and power. It is when we have reached the end of our ability, our power, our answers that we step out in faith and Your power gives us wings. It is in our questions You reveal the glorious complexity of Your perfect plans. Thank you Lord, for the trials and the questions.

Pour out Your peace on Your children tonight as they face whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Fill their hearts with courage and the certainty that You are moving. Grant us the tingle of anticipation that comes from the assurance of knowing You love us and desire to reveal Yourself to us if we will wait and watch faithfully. In Jesus Name, Amen.


One comment on “Praise and Prayer – 11/14/13

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